Indie Beach consists of a beach house,
nine bungalows and a beach café.


Beach house

The beachfront house is the soul of Indie Beach. It was the first house we ever built, and also the reason we started to believe in something bigger. It’s been a true favorite on airbnb for more than three years now. You get a two floor house directly on the beach: Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a simple kitchen and probably the best view of the ocean you have ever had. It is an open house, without AC, but so charming you will feel at home any day. A winner for big families, or a group of friends that want to stay on the beach for a reasonable price.


beachfront bungalows

After traveling around Southeast Asia for months, Christine knew exactly what she wanted when we started to build the bungalows. They are both stylish and traveler friendly, spacious and designed for simple living on the beach. Many of our guests refer to our style as a tropical, Scandinavian style.  Each bungalow has AC, spa-inspired bathrooms, a big and comfy bed, desktop space, functional shelves and cloth hangers.


Family bungalow

This bungalow was designed with families’ and groups’ needs in mind. You get two queen size beds, a sofa, desktop space and a spacious balcony.


Beach café

The meeting point for both staff and travelers alike: We dish up breakfast, healthy smoothies, fusion snacks and delicious, tropic cocktails. Every Monday we do our very own “No Blue Mondays”-nights, where you can enjoy live music all night long with our reggae house band!