Q: Are the bungalows directly on the beach?

A: Yes, the resort is located directly on the beach.

Q: Can you swim on the beach?

A: Yes, you can! There are rocks during low tide, but this is no problem.

Q: Is the beach children friendly?

A: This area is perfect for children! The water is still, and the beach perfect for playing and building sand castles.

Q: Can we rent a motorbike?

A: We do not have motorbikes for rent, but our friendly neighbors at Rasta View have new, safe motorbikes for rent. The cost is about 150 baht per day.

Q: Do you arrange activities at the resort?


A: Yes, we do! Monday is“No Blue Mondays”, where you can enjoy live music with our very own house band in the evening. Two times per month we arrange Indie Beach Boat Trip. We also have weekly BBQs, movie nights and yoga, as well as cooking classes on request.

Q: Is there an ATM in the area?

A: Yes, there is an ATM in the fisherman’s village Bang Bao, approximately 10 minutes walk from the resort.

Q: Is breakfast included?

A: Breakfast is not included. However, we sell breakfast all day including our fresh and delicious smoothies and smoothie bowls. 

A: Do you have food at the resort?

Q: Yes! We have a beach bar and a kitchen. Breakfast served all day including our fresh and delicious smoothies and smoothie bowls. We also serve dinner: traditional thai food and western food. 

Q: Are there any more restaurants on the beach?

A: Yes! We are very lucky to have the infamous Ido Ido Bar situated on our beach, open from 8am-22 pm. Look it up on TripAdvisor! You can also enjoy dinner at our resort.

Q: Are there mosquito nets in the bungalows?

A: The Indie Beach House has mosquito nets. The rest of the bungalows have AC and therefore no need for mosquito nets.

Q: How do we get to the resort from Bangkok, and how much does it cost?

A: From the airport you can take a minivan, leaving every hour until 2pm. The price is 650 baht. The journey takes about 6 hours and takes you to the ferry, and then all the way to our resort. Another option is to take a connection flight from Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok), leaving three times daily (40 minutes). Find tickets at bangkokairways.com, and search for Bangkok- Trat. The price depends on the season, but expect to pay approximately 3500 baht per person. From Trat airport, you can book a minivan that takes you directly to Indie Beach, including the ferry ride.If you travel from a hotel/hostel in Bangkok, book your ticket at the hotel or at a local travel office.



Q: How do we get to the resort from Pattaya?

A: After arrival at U-Tapao International Airport, book your minivan directly at the airport. It take you all the way to the resort. Private taxis are also available from here. Book them on location.



Q: When is low season?

A: Low season is May-Mid October. Prices drop during this time, and you can explore the area without too many tourists around.

Q: Where exactly are you located?

A: We are located at Had Sai Noi in Bang Bao, all the way south on the island. It’s a 10 minutes walk from Bang Bao fisherman’s village, and 2 minutes walk from Klong Kloi - next to jungle landscapes, rivers and waterfalls!

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